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Re: [RC] Auburn Dam - Truman Prevatt

You point out a couple issues here. Many places where it make sense to put dams, are in areas where they could be prone to earthquake. That's true in the West and also true in the East (Arkansas Dome and New Madrid faults). The massive TVA network of dams in built in the areas associated with these faults. However, in general I expect we will see a recurrence in dam building in the future. Given the risk associated with nuclear waste, the risk of an unstable oil supply - the risk from a dam going from an earthquake is probably a good option.

This will all sort out in the future. As far as being promised a bridge and then not getting it - we horsemen are a minority to begin with. Second we make ourselves a smaller minority because often times we are our own worst advisory in that we are not united. All horsemen need to work together not just endurance riders. Without trails to ride, there would not be people wanting horses to ride trails upon. That would impact breeders, feed companies and horsemen from other disciplines ( a lot of horses breed for other disciplines end up as trail horses). Until horsemen unite it's all too easy for public officials to ignore our desires.

I would not get too concerned that a few million bucks for a restoration project will be washed away if it is decided a dam is needed. The Corp in Engineers decided for flood control the Kissimmee river (which feeds the Everglades) needed to have a channel in the 40's. At that time the Kissimmee was a mile wide and maybe 3 feed deep. They dug it out like a trench - the dug canals to remove the flood water. They literally drained the swamp and made more farm land and more land for development.

Today the Corp has spent already 2 billion dollars to restore the Kissimmee to its original bed. Florida recently bought thousands of acres of farm land from US Sugar so the Kissimmee can again flood. That cost FL about 1.5 billion. They aren't finished yet.

The real issue gets down to politicians that make the final decisions aren't all they good at looking past the end of their nose and of course we all end up paying for it in one form or another.


Ranelle Rubin wrote:

I certainly agree with most, if not all you have said. We need more water kept upstream, and more hydro-electric power. Is the Auburn Dam Site the place for it, I dont' know. What I do know about the Auburn Dam is this:

1.The reason the original dam construction was halted was due to a fault that was discovered. It was this fault that was deemed too dangerous to build upon/store water upon in the event of an earthquake.

2. The Bureau of Reclammation just invested many millions of dollars to restore the river to it's original path, and at the same time put in a recreational "rapids" simulation for the rafters and kayakers to use.

My biggest beef (and believe me it is a thorn in my side) is that when the money was funded for this restoration/rapid simulation project, it included a bridge for safe equestrian crossing of the river. Surprise! They ran out of money. A few years ago there was a public meeting that many of the endurance riders in the area attended. There were over 100 riders there, standing room only. They had all these fancy drawings (wish they would have saved the money used on those) with different options for the type of bridge to be put there. Of course it was all a farce. They never intended to do ANYTHING. Now, a trail that has been used for many, many years, is closed. Wendel Robie used that trail. Hal Hall showed it to me 20 years ago. We can go only so close to the river before we run into closed signs, and we can no longer do a favorite loop that went through Cool.

We can still ride to Cool, crossing No Hands Bridge, but have to turn around and retrace our steps instead of a very nice loop.

/Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne/

Ranelle Rubin, Business Consultant
Independent Dynamite Distributor


“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil


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