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Re: [RC] Internet Dialogue/Howard - oddfarm

Awwww, I miss Pantyman, too! I would have MUCH rather read his stories which most of the time were hysterical, than read ANYTHING Tom Ivers said. Educational or not. Howie meant well. He may have taken a tad longer to figure things out, but I think he got it eventually. At least he admitted when he was wrong, or way off topic which is more than I can say about many of the other posters on this list.
Experience doesn't mean you know that much. I have had kids for almost 20 years now, and I am STILL learning! God bless 'em. :) I hope I get it right with grandkids! Aw, who cares? They won't be living with me!!!!!
Wait, I am NOT old enough to be thinking about grandkids:(
Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm
There is more good, than bad on RC.
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From: Tom Sites
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 5:43 PM
Subject: [RC] Internet Dialogue/Howard

Fires in California have nothing to do w/ Endurance to some but it cancelled the Tevis this year. It has a lot to do w/ Endurance.
Gas prices have nothing to do w/ Endurance but it affects everyone except a few that money is no object.  It has a lot to do w/ Endurance.
Does that mean i can not translate my faith that got me thru  from my first 100 when i had to walk/run 40 miles of it?  Probably not.
There are so many subjects covered here that even the mundane to some i find interest.  I find no interest in banter.  Its just like political redunancy....banter.  What i find interesting are stories told by real people in real events.  Not facts or opinions to prove someone less to their level and and get to the point of a pissing contest to prove someones opinion wrong.  The banter to some w/ thin skin can be an attack.  Even those w/ thick skin get offended when their ideals are questioned.  Then there is is the rest that aren't in that particular fray who relish...the banter (Good humored ridicule).  This stuff is not banter according to my Websters.
How about you JT?  Can Howard come back?
tom sites

[RC] Internet Dialogue/Howard, Tom Sites