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Re: [RC] Conserving paper - Truman Prevatt

One of the best initiatives of the US Government was the mandate to go "paperless" in 2000. It's not rippled down yet but let me tell you it has made a huge difference. Prior to 2000 take for example a computer system sold the the Air Force. The paper delivered weighed as much as the hardware. There were all the design specs. There was the maintenance manuals, hardware and software (could be a thousand pages each). There was all the drawings, etc. If the same computer went to 10 locations - so did all the paper. If a capability was added or a problem fixed, the documentation had to reflect that so more paper got generated - usually completely new documents with the old ones thrown away.

Today, all the paper sits on a server. If maintenance is required, the technicians simply bring up the latest version over a network. If the need to print some of it - it is only a few pages. If there is an upgrade or a bug fixed - the documentation gets changed in one place and your done. Not only has this approach saved tons of paper it has save a lot of money since there is a significant cost in producing, maintaining and controlling (if the documents they require safe space to be locked in, secure rooms to keep the safes, security personnel to log and control the documents, etc.) paper documents.

It's also rolled down in much of defense contracting. The Government now releases request for proposals electronically, contractors submit proposals electronically and contractors and the Government now sign contracts digitally, invoices are submitted electronically and payments direct deposited. I works one hell of a lot faster, better and without paper. I remember in two of us hand carrying a proposal which was two large boxes of paper to a Government facility. Those days are long gone - thank goodness.


Sisu West Ranch wrote:
"...I have a feeling someday we'll wonder why we didn't stick to paper. :...'

Yes, electronics have their own issues. Don't get caught in the faulty logic here. During its useful life, the few pound electronic gadget replaces tons of paper, and recycling of metals has been going on forever (I can barely remember the WWII scrap metal drives, and the Romans did it.). We do need to increase the efficiency of the metal recycling, but that is no reason to stop with electronics.

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