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Re: [RC] Conserving paper - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

I will try to make this somewhat endurance related by simply saying I believe 
in doing the things that *help* the environment. I am an environmentalist. 
However, I do not want to get caught in the trap of doing things whether it has 
to do with cows, horses on trails, or buying light bulbs that use less energy 
only to produce mercury waste we don't have a place to treat. So...I'll answer 
the following with just one more rebuttal from a fun book of rebuttals that PJ 
O'Roark collected:

David LeBlanc said: What a paper plant emits into the air and water is not so 
nice, though we do a better job of cleaning this up than in the past. Ink is 
quite another
story, and it can be full of a number of fairly awful things.I think we're 
doing more to conserve landfill space by recycling paper than
anything else.

"...a National Wildlife Federation study shows that recycling one hundred tons 
of newspaper produces forty tons of toxic sludge. Thirteen of the 50 worst 
Superfund hazardous waste dumps were once recycling facilities" (also Taylor of 
the Cato Institute)

I've heard a lot on the news lately about old computers & cell phones being a 
problem to dispose of...quite hazardous. I have a feeling someday we'll wonder 
why we didn't stick to paper. :-P  Of course, our discussion would have taken 
us a few weeks instead of hours then, and nobody else would have been in on it. 
Makes it a lot harder to argue when you go that slow...requires too much effort 
and no audience.

I remember when a letter to the editor in EN would cause an incredibly slow 
motion discussion with one rebuttal per month...like a ping pong game in SUPER 
slow motion. >g<

Angie (P.S. I drive a Honda car, always been a miser on fuel even when it was 
under $2 but I hate pine trees. They sprout like weeds around here, then fall 
on the trails (cut 5 yesterday) and I don't mourn them much.

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