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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] [RC] Confirmation- reply to Tuni - Kathy Mayeda

Well, any stallion owner wouldn't necessarily be discriminating when $$$ is involved.  I think the mare owner would have be the discriminating one, because they are the ones doing the "shopping!"
Okay, I give up.  Did our mustangs come across the Bering straights?  I thought they were mostly Spanish Barbs and such coming over from the conquistadors mixed up with some Cavalry remounts.
Prior to that, I believe that equines were just hanging out in the fossil record and not passing their DNA in the Americas.
People, however, came across the Bering Straight.
Let me know where you get this source of info.  Maybe I learned wrong.

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 5:40 PM, D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson <cest.mon.virage@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Okay, first of all let's be very clear here on the breeding practices and decision making policies of Bey Shah.  There was no discriminate factor involved.  One year, as Nicasio bragged, there were trailers lined up and down the road (150 mares) to be bred to Bey Shah in ONE breeding season.  If you could pay the fee they bred the mare! 
If you really want to know about the breeding decision making in the early days of the 'show' ring practioners.  Get ahold of the old Karahoe Tape. 
And as far as the Mustangs are concerned.  Get to know geography!  Any idea what horses came into North America, across the Bering Straight, when it was still ONE piece!  Get to know 'strain genetic markers' and where those strains originated from.
Do Arabians have a number of fault issues - absolutely.   If anyone really wants to make  a difference in the world of horse breeding, buying, showing, riding, and/or all of the above - study CONFORMATION WELL before you buy and breed!  You want to learn GREAT horse breeding.  Go over to the Lee's in Delphi, CA and sit and talk with Lorraine and Charles.  And I'd do that as soon as I could because they up into their 80's now!  Oh and be sure and check the FEET on all of the stock on their property!