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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] [RC] [RC] Confirmation- reply to Tuni - D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson

Well said Sandy!  I don't personally know any breeder, at the present time, that wants 'junk' associated with their stallion line.  Are there breeders out there that could care less sure!  For the most part no.  I have a Khemosabi grand son by Kaiyouum.    He was the first stallion, I had bought on my own, after my Father died.  I listened to all of the 'experienced' and reasonably 'successful' Arabian breeders that Rumor was one of the BEST representations of the line.  That along with his tail female line being the Steen breeding.  What I didn't know, at the time, was anything about the 'Khemosabi knee" and didn't know enough, on my own, at the time, what to look for!   Two years after buying Rumor and changing farriers (after a move)  I noticed Rumor was developing a club foot.  Someone had told me it was probably from an injury that he had sustained as a youngster in the fields.  Which didn't make much sense to me so I took him to a specialist who looked at his foot and leg. 
The specialist pointed out 'the fault' in Rumor's leg.  He has the slightly turned out knee.  And that is when I was told about 'the knee' in those lines.  I had already bred Rumor to several mares by then.  None of the foals showed ANY of the signs.  For three breeding seasons I didn't breed him.  Worried about that leg/knee/club foot showing up in his foals. Then I reasoned that maybe it was from an injury because none of his foals had any sign of the same problem.  Remember this is when very little was readily available to the general public on club feet.  I was sending Rumor to Florida and thought, okay, I might want to breed him, in case something might happen!  It was a huge decision making.  So, I bred him to a SUPER mare!  Perfect legs, mind, conformation.  As one would guess- yes the foal came down with a crooked leg.  Vet says, "at four days old turn her out to that pasture of yours (250' to 575' over 20 acres) she will work that side leg muscle and that leg will be straight.  Well the vet was correct.  No turned out...however, she does have a club foot (very slight).  And no I will never breed Rumor again.  Nor will this filly ever be bred.  Which is a shame because she is a fantastic horse.  And it means lots of management to insure she is never bred should I decide to sell her. 
Am I discriminate now - you bet!   Not just with my own horses with outside horses as well.  I take great pains to educate mare owners why I won't breed one of my stallions to their mares if it is not a good knick.  They are often upset.  However, most are thankful.  I consider that progress.

Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] [RC] Confirmation- reply to Tuni, Kathy Mayeda