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Re: [RC] [RC] Endurance Ball caps for Bekki Crippen? - Carla Richardson

Ok, folks - in re: the LD/endurance squabble --  here is a true endurance rider - Bekki Crippen.  Think about her, and stop the silly bickering over awards and points and "recognition."  Who cares if you are tough enough to ride 25 miles, or 50 miles, or even 100 miles?  Bekki is tougher than you.  So think about that.
Sorry, but this LD/endurance thing is just ... enough.  LD riders are not 2nd class citizens, and from any ride I've been to have never been treated as such.  100 milers deserve the extra recognition, and respect, that they get.  50 milers can also be very proud of what they're doing.  But in the big picture, so what?  You're doing what you love, right?  And if you don't love it, why the heck are you doing it?  For glory?  Come on.
I'd say that most of us are just happy to be ABLE TO RIDE, to have SOMEWHERE to ride in this day and age, and could CARE LESS about awards and placings.  Give me a t-shirt, or heck -- give me a popsicle in Bekki's name, I'll be very happy with it.
Thanks, Angie, for the update on one of my own personal heroines, Bekki Crippen.
Carla Richardson

[RC] Endurance Ball caps for Bekki Crippen?, rides2far