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[RC] LD and Bekki Crippen - Tx Trigger

It is sad to me that one would FEEL they were being treated as a "second class citizen" just for not receiving the same awards, placings or recognition at an LD ride, as an endurance (by AERC rule book definition) ride. Then, I scan through the list, and see the post from Angie and Bekkis mom, about Bekkis chemo treatments, and her attitude and spirit.  Be glad anytime you can climb ON that horse and go ride any distance. I bet Bekki would love to go ride today.  Enter AERC rides at the distance you and your horse are best suited to do, and enjoy your day on the trail. If you are not enjoying your day on the trail unless you get some sort of recognition, WHY do it? This is something we do as a hobby. Very, very few of our members do this sport as a living.  If you want awards, and recognition, then enter the events that offer those awards you feel you want to compete for, and then train to achieve those goals. But why should an organization change awards and recognition just to suit an individuals ability level. Each of us, and each of our horses are not all able to compete at the highest level of the sport. And those who can, have the chance to win those higher level awards if they choose to compete for them.  And next time you climb on that horse, be thankful you CAN, and you are not hooked up to chemo, looking out the window, wishing you could be riding. Bekki is sure tougher and stronger than I think I could be in her situation. Indeed, and ENDURance rider.