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Re: [RC] Endurance rider.actually... - Chrystal Woodhouse

** Sorry this somehow turned out to be really long- only read if it
is  raining and miserable out , otherwise go ride!** :-)
Having only read 4 or 5 of the LD posts I may not be up to speed on
the  whole conversation ( but am pretty sure I only missed a lot of
rhetorical,  circular arguments, kinda reminds me of our endurance club meetings.
> :-) )

 however found to my HORROR that I am thinking " well 25 isn't
endurance,  that's just crazy...."  Here is the problem.............. I PROMISED myself when I started long distance
riding  6 years ago  ( I learned in the first two months that I was a "long

 distance rider" and couldn't call myself an endurance rider until I
had  done 50 miles ;-))  that I would never   become one of "those"
endurance  riders who fought to keep 12 mile rides out of our club, who went on
and on and on.................about endurance and the importance of
protecting  our sport and the integrity of it ( i.e. 12 or 25 miles ISN"T
endurance!)  anyway- you get the idea- I was always going to remember what is was
like  to start out and how hard 25 miles is to do when you haven't been
doing it  for years hmmmmmmmmm..........well, I do remember how hard it was
and how  cool I thought I was that I could ride 25 miles in one day ( anyone
who  wants  to impress people should just tell their vet, dressage coach,
local  feed store employee etc... trust me they will be suitably impressed
> :-) )  And you know what???? I was cool, and tough and 25 miles IS
something to  be really proud of- however when my  mare and I jumped into 50's there
was a - BIG  difference I was sooooo excited after our first 50 that I could

 FINALLY  call myself an endurance rider- our training rides are often 25
miles at  home now- they used to be 10- we can canter for 5 and a half hours
and  feel GOOD at the end of it, there really is a difference. That
doesn't  mean everyone has to do 50 or a 100  but LD's are LD's -CTR's are CTR's  and endurance
is  endurance- if I wanted to call myself a jumper I would actually have
to go  jump something  (any jump taken to date has been with my eyes closed
and  more of an accident than a planned thing :-) I guess I could call
myself  an accidental jumper!!!:-)) Figure out what you want to be and go do
And have FUN with your horse because that really is what it is all
> about.

Re: [RC] Endurance rider, Truman Prevatt