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RE: [RC] pesticide ear tags - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

Can someone please remind me how many 50's a horse has to complete before 
entering a Tevis?  My husband was asking and I couldn't remember.  Tevis is a 
LONG way off for me (if ever).  lol

Carrie Kitley
30th Medical Group, Vandenberg AFB
DMLSS?Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS) 
CACI?International Inc? www.caci.com
dsn?276-1077, Comm (805) 606-1077
fax dsn?276-1179
// \\


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From: ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
[mailto:ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Ginger Bill
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 2:14 PM
To: Barbara McCrary; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [RC] pesticide ear tags

I rode 20 plus miles last Sunday with friends of mine. Everyone sprayed down 
their horses and I am old so sometimes I have a brain dump. Needless to say, I 
had just said that I'd better spray as well, but I just climbed up on my horse 
and took off. Daaaaaaa! Anyway the flies were out big time and one of the other 
riders asked how those ear tags worked because not a bug lit on my horse. Heck, 
I'd forgotten that I had stuck one in his tail a few days earlier. I have to 
use them on my husbands horse because he gets terrible sweet itch every year 
and I had one ear tag left so I clipped it on my horses tail, being too lazy to 
put it up in the tack shed. It worked so well that the other riders made a run 
on the feed store. Barbara, you are so RIGHT. I got the heck bitten out of me, 
but my horse was untouched. Thank you for the wisdom. Ginger


       From: bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxxxx
       To: brncntry@xxxxxxxxx; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
       Subject: Re: [RC] pesticide ear tags
       Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 14:01:36 -0700
       I would dispute that, because we've used them on cows with great 

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               From: Born Country <mailto:brncntry@xxxxxxxxx>  
               To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
               Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 11:58 AM
               Subject: Re: [RC] pesticide ear tags

               Please post on how they work for keeping the flies away.  One 
study I read says they don't show any appreciable effectiveness. 

               "Life is a canvas, throw a lot of paint on it" Danny Kaye 
(January 18, 1913 - March 3, 1987) 

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               From: Vickie Jensen Hogen <vjhogen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
               To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
               Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 12:28:32 PM
               Subject: [RC] pesticide ear tags
               There was a couple posts recently on using pestacide ear tags 
on horses.  I went and asked the rancher next door if I could try a couple.  So 
I have 4 tags here and would like some ideas on how to braid them into the 
mane. I thought I would try a couple different ways and see what works the 
best.  If I can get them to stay for longer than a few days I will give them a 
try this summer..  
               vickie hogen 

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