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Re: [RC] [RC] Caution around trailheads - desertrydr1

Another thing is that your horse will probably see someone before you do.  I watch my horse's ears, and also I pay attention if they look at something off the trail.  That's how I usually spot the deer, coyotes, jackrabbits and assorted other wildlife.  Also bikers, and people out walking their dogs get a lot of attention from my horse.  After all, she is an alpha mare, and it's her job to take care of the herd.  Don't know if a horse lower on the herd order will be as watchful. 

The other thing is using your horse as a defense by blocking the aggressor.  There have been several articles about horses and self defense, the last one I remember might have been in TrailBlazer.  jeri
There are mental games that can be played to help you remain aware of your surroundings.  When in the woods, I continually look for game.  I am not as good as many, but getting better.  At least I am looking around, not zoning out on my horse with music from an IPod.  When in the city, I continuously look for folk who may be carrying a not completely concealed weapon.  Again, this "game" helps me be aware of who is around and what their dress, body language, sex, and general appearance are telling me.  In essence I play a "profiling" game.
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