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[RC] Questions regarding dressage saddle and endurance - Beth Leggieri

POSTING FOR A FRIEND.  You may reply privately to this address, and I will forward it.  Thank you.
Beth in Texas
I am considering using a Wintec dressage saddle (wool flocking, no Cair panels) for conditioning rides.  If this works, I am hoping to do LD, maybe even 50s, in a dressage saddle.  I understand the argument about spreading the rider's weight in a western-type tree, but I am more comfortable in a dressage type saddle *if it will work for my horse*.  I am a featherweight rider with good balance and am told that I ride light in the saddle, so there will be minimal concussion on the back.
Please--Those who have used a Wintec dressage saddle for endurance-pace conditioning rides please reply privately with your observations.
1. What was the maximum distance you rode with this saddle?
2.  What observations did you make about your horse's way of going?  Any soundness issues result?
3. Which pad did you use? Why? (I am thinking an open cell foam pad with natural fibers to dissipate the heat from the bottom of the saddle--??)
4. Which stirrups did you use? Why?
5. Which girth did you use? Why?
6. What other observations did you make that would be helpful to me?
If you have specific brand recommendations to make, please offer them!  We all know how expensive trial and error can be.
Thank you! 

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