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Re: [RC] Testing the youth & Pony - Laura Peck

True, but I only use them on rides over 30 miles... So I only 'fight' with them about 12 times a YEAR!.... Train 100% barefoot the rest of the time - and I save almost $4,000 per year, since I trim my entire herd myself!  My 'boot collection' ran me about $1,000 initially (I've got more boots than most tack stores!) , but now just runs $100 per year for replacement parts.
He, he... and I never have to cancel a ride because of a thrown/loose shoe.. Even if I lose a boot on the trail - my horses' hooves are so hard and tough - I could probably do an entire 50 with no hoof protection!   If I really wanted to.. Granted my training trails are heavy rock and shale to boot - great for conditioning 'mustang hooves'.
Used to believe 100% in shoes. Kept my entire herd fully shod all the times... Then I realized how much healthier hooves and hoofwalls are - when they are able to flex and move naturally...Now, I don't have a single hoof wall crack, abscess, white line, etc, etc!! And many of my current horses have never had a shoe - or have had them all pulled last year..
But each to their own... I'll put my 'farrier savings' into my gas tank! LOL...
- LP

Jody Rogers-Buttram <dragnin100@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Whew....that's a lot of work on boots.  Glad I can do my cussin' and fussin' once every 4 weeks or so when I shoe my horses. 

Laura Peck <lr_peck@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
But coming into the 'break' - neither one was above 52 BPM or even breathing hard.... So after spending an extra 15 minutes struggling with the epics (yet another one goes down in 100 use miles with broken cables! Makes three needing new cables. Had to cut yet another shredding gator off..sigh.. Time to call easycare and purchase longer-lasting 'keepers' and more cables.... Thankgod I only have 6 boots per horse!)  We headed on down the trail.. or shall I say - the mounts decided to fly down the trail again.... OK, 2 miles down - another cable snaps.. return to trailer for the last of my spare boots... Back on trail..... Trying to keep the two from continuing 'their race' - we fall into single file..

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Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.
Re: [RC] Testing the youth & Pony, Jody Rogers-Buttram