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RE: [RC] gay gelding? - Dodie Sable

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(chuckle)  I had to smile at that story.
An erection is not always a sign of sexual eagerness in a stallion.  It is also part of the dominance show that stallions will dance when vying for the position of top stud.  In a natural environment, stallions rarely "fight" but put on displays which are meant to scare off the challenger.  A fight will ensue only if one of the challengers doesn't back down.
And!  If Elvis had a favorite mare that looked like Red, he could be displaying his affection.  Doesn't mean he walks the other side (grin).
I have a stallion that is 24, I've owned him since he's 7 years old.  He absolutely loves black horses.  Doesn't matter if it's a mare or gelding, he wants all the black horses to himself.  He is a pasture stallion, running the fields with his mares and foals and does know the difference (quickly) between mare and gelding, but whenever a new black horse comes to the barn (mare or gelding) he is forever courting it.
My other stallion HATES anything that in pinto colored..mare or gelding.  I've had to blanket pinto mares to cover the pattern so he would breed her and not ravage her.