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Re: [RC] [RC] mountain lion attack - traps - Karen Sullivan

Can't believe it's still legal anywhere......leghold traps are cruel and akin to the practice of baiting a carcass.....which non-selectively kills who know's how many species directly and on down the food chain.......I thought we had, as a society, moved away from some of these barbaric, ingnorant practices.
If I lived in a state that allowed any of that, I would be vehemently protesting and nagging the powers that be.....

On 4/29/08, Chris A <bayrabhorses@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I had a dog get a leg in a traip while I was riding too. I was terrrified for her and she was terrified. I finally figured out how to release the trap and get her out. Good thing she was a big dog with big strong legs, there was no permanent damage. But I never want to witness that again.
We have to be careful here becuase trapping is legal in kansas and I know a rider whose horse tripped a trap set close to trail!

Nancy Sturm <sturmranch@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Traps creep me out because it is not a quick end.

Years ago, I was out riding and had my big labrador retriever got a foot
caught in a trap.

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Re: [RC] mountain lion attack - traps, Nancy Sturm
Re: [RC] mountain lion attack - traps, Chris A