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Re: [RC] Puppies and Horses - Laney Humphrey

Thanks for a great chuckle, Sherri! One of the horses that lives with mine got sideswiped by one of the barn cats. The cats are totally not afraid of the horses since they've grown up around them. The cat scooted by the horse who opened it's mouth. The cat's tail went right in, and right out again before the horse thought to chomp down - thanks goodness!

Sherri Lyngar wrote:
Just to lighten things up a bit...

We currently have eleven puppies on property... how we ended up with a litter of eleven puppies is a long story, but they are here and thriving until we find them homes. However, problems arise when you are trying to contain eleven puppies and with two horses on property I have nightmares of one of the little pups getting squished by a misplaced hoof.

Much like other animals that our horses explore I was curious to see what would happen if they ventured near the horses pen. Standing by to intervene I watched as the little pups made there way near the horses, some of them being bold enough to venture under and around them. I was about to call a halt to the experiment when one of the horses, Thunder, started herding the puppies outside of the pen. You'll have to understand my shock, Thunder is a 5 year old, 15 hand race bred arab who is quite opinionated. He very gentley pushed them with his nose until they were outside the pen or at the very least hovering around the edge. He got testy when one of the puppies attacked his brothers back hoof and brought his foot up out of the way. Thunder chased Lightning(his brother) back into the shelter and herded that pup out as well. Our only incident was when one of the puppies wasn't moving to his satisfaction and he picked it up by its tail. The instant "yipping" and "Thunder drop that puppy!" had the puppy safely back on the ground and bemused looking horse trying to figure out why that hadn't worked out the way he planned. FYI, puppy and tail are both fine.

Anyway, I know that a lot of other people have stories of their horses and other animals and I thought it would be fun if we shared.



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[RC] Puppies and Horses, Sherri Lyngar