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[RC] Question on odd heart rate on two TWH - Dodie Sable

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I ride TWH and I have found that all of them have a lower HR when they're performing their natural gait.  I personally do not encourage trotting from my gaited horses except in very rough terrain like found at Old Dominion.  When they trot, their HR usually goes way up so I have to assume it is harder on them to perform.
One mare consistently works over 12 mph in her gait, she was a hard one to keep a good pace.  She was my 100 mile prospect before she broke her leg in pasture.  She always ran 150 when working..she is a natural racker.  She pulsed down exceptionally fast and I never had to walk her into a vet check.  Always into the 40's by the time I got out of the saddle.
Another mare I have boogies at about 11 mpg in her gait and her HR runs about 130 at this pace.  However, she takes a long time to pulse down, over 5 minutes so we always walk into vet check.  I hate walking her because she has a 1 mph walk (grin)
My new mare that I just started is working at 8 mph in her gait, HR runs about 130-140 flat and 150-160 on hills.  She is also a quick recovery, usually down in the 50's by the time I'm out of saddle and in the 40's within 5 minutes.
My stallion works at a steady 7 mph in gait and never breaks 100 except on an uphill.  Then he always canters to the top, HR goes up to about 170, and when he crests the top and settles back into gait, it quickly drops back to 100.  His recoveries are also very good (unless some mare is teasing him in the hold) down into the 50's immediately and into the 40's within 5 minutes.
I suspect that every horse is different and if they aren't struggling, their attitude is good and they want to keep working, then whatever it is, it is.