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Re: [RC] Question on odd heart rate on two TWH - Truman Prevatt

There may be an easy answer to this question. When I put my HRM on the Jbird and he gets into a long trot he is running at 170 to 180. That's above anyone's definition of the anaerobic threshold and he should drop after a few miles doing that - he can do it all day long.

The discrepancy is easy to solve - it's motion modulation of his gait being read as a heart rate. His heart rate is nowhere near 170 to 180, however, that's what it reads. What is happening with him is with the combination of his gait and his build, his skin is being pulled and pushed past the electrod on the girth - hence giving a false reading. It is consistent because the motion is consistent. When we show to a walk he drops like a rock - because he wasn't that high to start with.

The first thing to do is when the HRM numbers cause you to question what is going on - it may very well be issues with the HRM. You can try a lot of things, putting the electrode higher or lower and see what happens. If the heart rate changes with the electrode placement it is the monitor.

So I'd play around with the HRM to see if that could be the problem. With the Jbird I don't even use one any longer unless I am trying to get target heart rates doing intervals in which case I am galloping and it seems to work fine there.

The HRM is a good tool but it is only a tool and it does have limitations.


Keith Kibler wrote:

Imho, his ruckus in gait, and his desire to trot, and to trot at times with a really high hrt rate all go back to being somehow involved with a physical problem. Do you know why he is no longer a show horse? Was he shown flat shod or padded? If padded, could he have been sored? (yuch, yuch , spit , spit, now MY heartrate is going up!)


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