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[RC] Spanish Mustang - Karen Everhart

Thank you for taking the time to clarify some points.  I appreciate the value you have in this individual and I am certain he is a wonderful human being and a lover of animals.  I also appreciate that he would never allow his horses to go to kill buyers.  But, unless he "no sales" at the auction, he has no guarantee that one of his beloved Mustangs would not end up at slaughter, especially once they are sold through the auction ring.  And, what happens if he brings them back home and has no pasture???????  Then what?
That being said, regardless of the reasoning behind anyone's breeding programs, we are in a different time now where we have to totally rethink our use of animals - of all types.  What are we preserving in the Spanish Mustang (or any other breed) if there are not enough homes for the animals we are preserving?  If there are not enough greenway's available for our enjoyment with those animals, what are they relegated to but lives in small paddocks or stalls?  An hour of arena work a few times per week?
I hear so many stories each week from breeders/owners who believe whole-heartedly that what they have done by breeding (selective and controlled) is a service to the species.  And they are right at many levels.  But, the reason I hear from them is because they now need to downsize, or get rid of the animals.  When there are no homes, they turn to rescues like Rainbow Meadows to "take" their horses.  If I can't do it, they turn to auctions.......and the horror story often begins....
So, I am probably sensitive and certainly am jaded regarding anyone breeding numerous horses for any reason.  The Thoroughbred people have their motives, the Quarter Horse people, theirs.  The Paint people believe that they are doing the right thing, too.  The Arab breeders are working hard to improve the reputation of their breed, and the miniature folk think no one wants to or can ride anymore so they will want a little one for their backyard.
The "stories" change a little bit but the outcome is the same:  we have too many horses in America from any and all sources.  We have to rigidly control breeding if we truly LOVE these animals and are concerned about their futures.
Karen Everhart MEd
Co-founder and Executive Director
Rainbow Meadows Rescue and Retirement, Inc.
Serving the equine companions who have so loyally served us...
Owner/Operator Horse Calls - Equine Management Solutions
Centered Riding Instructor
Distance Horse Conditioning and Training
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Karen I truly hope you do not get flamed for your comment!  Each and every one of us has the right to our opinions and I value yours.


[RC] Spanish Mustang, wilderness pursuit