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[RC] Spanish Mustang - wilderness pursuit


Karen I truly hope you do not get flamed for your comment!  Each and every one of us has the right to our opinions and I value yours.


In response however-I have known Kim since 1976 when we met at an endurance race.

I do not have a Spanish Mustang, my family owns Arabians but that has not stopped our friendship or respect for each others horse related business.


In my view Kim is a very dedicated preservation breeder-perhaps one of only a few who truly believe to the core the value of the blood of this horse and the relative small number of them that actually exist in the world of horse breeds today.

When I look at the numbers I see 100 mares and only 24 foals-that is a breeding program of only 25%-

21 Stallions that means he has reproduced a  Stallion with as close to the same genetic makeup as possible to some of the most important foundation stallions in the registry-not to sell them, but to have the blood for the next generation.

45 horses listed on the “For Sale” page many of these horses belong to other persons who know Kim will take the time to help find the right home for their horses, that they are selling for whatever private reason that they may have.   


“excess” horses-if you talk with Kim-he has no “excess” horse! I had another friend tell me once “Kim is as much horse as the horses are” these excess horses Karen are truly his brothers and sisters.  Kim is burying his friend on Wed. then he will continue his life long journey to keep his wonderful Spanish Mustangs alive and well!

I wanted the Endurance riders of Ride Camp to go to his home page of his web site to see the records of what his Spanish Mustangs had accomplished when they were competing and to have an opportunity to purchase a young horse from those blood lines.  Karen I don’t believe a kill buyer would even look twice at a young Mustang coming into a ring ( not enough weight) they will probably go to homes of good families, but homes that do not understand the potential of these horses to compete and earn such great records in the world of competitive races.   


“controlling the breeding” if you take the time to visit with Kim you will find in the Mustang world he is perhaps one of the best controlled breeders in the world today.


This was my mistake in hind sight-I felt the Ride Camp readers could be the homes of first choose as Kim and I hold hours of long debates over the competitiveness of Mustangs vs. Arabians.  It was not meant as a means of dumping.  For that I am sorry!



I know I am going to get flamed BIG TIME for this but......


After visiting the website address below, I find the following horses

listed:  nearly 100 mares, 21 Stallions, 24 babies born in 2007,

and 45 horses listed on the "For Sale" page .....


And now "excess" horses are being taken to auction where a high =

percentage will probably go to slaughter....unless something wonderful =



What part of "controlling the breeding" failed to occur to someone =