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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] trailers - Kathy Mayeda

I wonder about the reverse slant thing, too.  Beau doesn't trailer well and I often find him braced with his left hind which has an upward fixation of the patella when he's in the front stall.  He came off his first long haul from my ex's place to the Bay Area rather trashed, so I'm wondering if that caused some physical/mental damage in the way he was trailered. 
He wasn't that much better in a Brendurup - he and Beamer refused to load after being hauled in a Brendurup straight load.
I have done long hauls with him loose, and he's always facing backwards I've noticed.  I'm not sure he likes being hauled loose because he's always a little more hesitant to load afterwards.
I don't tie in the trailer, and both Drako and Beamer were each found turned around in the front stall!   How did they do that?  They must be gumby horses - they ain't small horses.
Most of the time if I haul Beau loose in the back stall he's facing backwards, at a slant.
It could possible due more to freaking out at oncoming traffic?

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