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Re: [RC] trailers - Katrina Mosshammer

This is just our experience...
We have a '95 Calico 3h slant GN 18 ft with a dressing room and stock type sides that was our only trailer until we got our new trailer and now we use for everyday. Our "new" trailer is an '02 Legend Stock Combo GN 20 ft w/LQ and an 8 ft box in the back. I usually have to work late  or something so I am usually in a separate vehicle and will drive behind and watch the horses.
We always haul our horses loose unless we have somebody else's horse with us. My Appy mare always rode best in the front "stall" (since we never use the dividers unless we have a strange horse that needs it) against the wall in the Calico. She has now gone blind and that is her place of security and will ride that way even when loose.
Now the other horses, as soon as we put them in the Calico the usually turn around backwards, unless it is to crowded and even then if the trip is long enough the will have moved by the time we get there. The same with the Legend. Although they will stand sideways for a little bit sometimes but almost never straight forward, and not really slanted either. I usually have faces staring at me all the way home.
The horses don't really move while we are driving unless someone is being grumpy and picking on someone else. I have pulled both the trailers and have never had the trailer jerking on the truck. In fact the Legend pulls much smoother with the horses in than it does empty.
I think having a place that they feel comfortable in so that they don't paw or fidget makes a huge difference in both their stress level and the way the trailer pulls. We have gone to a couple of rides where horses were loaded up and waiting for their owners to saying their goodbyes and you could hear the horse pawing clear across camp. I am so thankful that ours feel comfortable enough that they stand quietly (may turn around every once in awhile but none of that pawing, shaking the trailer, acting like an idiot stuff) no matter how long they are in there. And they willing go in on their own.

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