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Re: [RC] Name for the Colt - k s swigart

From: "Linda Marins" <coldeye22@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

There was even a case where a dressage rider was using a
made-up show name for a registered Morgan and the breeder
tried to bring legal action to force her to use the horse's registered
name in competition.  Something about an AHSA or USDF
rule to that effect.  The breeder wanted the advertising value
of having bred a Grand Prix level Morgan.

Breeders start doing stupid stuff like taking the owners of the horses
they have bred to court, and people who show their horses in open
competition and hate the stupid name their breeder gave it (along with a
distaste for advertising in this way) will just lose the horse's papers.

Only a really dumb breeder would take the owner that has trained and
shown one of their horses to Grand Prix to court.

Personally, I WILL lose a horse's papers before I will compete it with a
name I don't like.  And this is why I consider it much better to let the
person who is actually going to compete the horse give it is official

And because there are people who would rather compete an unregistered
horse with a name they like than a registered horse with one they don't
like, registries (if they want their owners to keep track of their
horses' registration and papers) would be smart to allow owners to
change their horses' names.

And as long as owners are allowed to change a horses name, then breeders
(because registries maintain the name of the breeder on the papers as
long as the owner maintains the papers) will continue to be able to be
recognized for their breeding choices.  It is when owners abandon the
papers that breeders lose their recognition. And not letting owners
change names they don't like just encourages owners to abandon the

Since we now live in a world of computers that can easily keep track of
horses' names no matter how many times they are changed, there is no
good excuse for not allowing it.

Orange County, Calif.

Orange County, Calif.


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[RC] Name for the Colt, k s swigart
Re: [RC] Name for the Colt, Linda Marins