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[RC] Name for the Colt - k s swigart

Paddi said:

If someone wants him - he is $500 plus shipping
and any shots they want him to have. I won't ship
him till middle of next summer when I wean him though

I must confess to being thoroughly confused by the addendum to the "name
the colt" question.  If the horse is for sale as a weanling, then why
doesn't the breeder let the person who is going to be the actual owner
name the horse.

I could understand the breeder wanting to name the horse if when it was
born the horse looked up and said, "My name is ___________."

And I could understand the breeder wanting to name the horse if s/he
thinks s/he is really good at picking horse names.

But neither of these things is what happened here.  What happened here
is the breeder asked Ridecamp (a bunch of virtual strangers) to help
name the horse.

If the actual owner of the adult horse doesn't like the name the breeder
picked s/he is going to change the name of the horse anyway.

If I, as a breeder, know that I am going to have the horse go to a new
owner young (e.g. as a weanling), I will let that new owner pick the

Maybe this is something I learned from the TB people.  Young TBs are
rarely ever named by the breeder, they are usually named by the person
who actually races it, so if you look at the Keenland Yearling sale
catalog, it will have a bunch of horses named  "2006 Bay Colt" but then
the Jockey Club allows you to register a horse that is "unnamed."

I suppose that the Canadian arab cross registry doesn't let breeders do
this.  However, if it does, then let the person who buys the colt name
it.  Because I guarantee you if I bought a weanling colt with any of
these names: Canadian Immigrant, Canadian Innukshuk, Imagine Canadian,
Impossible Canadian Dream, one of the FIRST things I would do is change
the horse's name (and I would ask the horse, not Ridecamp, what he
wanted his name to be).

Orange County, Calif.

"Le meilleur que je sais les hommes le plus que j'aime mon
cheval."--Catherine the Great


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