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Re: [RC] Speaking of "packing heat" - Sisu West Ranch

Holster selection is quite personal, and often depends upon your personal body shape.  For example, both Wendy and I often use a shoulder holster (Galco Miami Classic) under a jacket or vest.  I understand that some women with large breasts find that they can not easily reach a shoulder holster.
When I do not wish to wear a vest or jacket, I often use a plastic holster (my favorite is a Blackhawke SERPA), FBI cant, carried just behind my hip and concealed by a long loose shirt.  I understand that many women with large hips find this to be quite uncomfortable and prefer to carry in the appendix position.
Inside the waist band holsters are more concealable, but I don't use them because I am too cheap to donate all my Jeans to Goodwill and buy more that are 2" biger.
There are quite a number of sites on the web that discuss various holsters etc.  One good one is http://www.spw-duf.info/index.html , follow the holster selection button.  S. P. Wenger is quite opinionated, but usually makes sense to me.
One of the writers on this subject said that one should not feel bad if you have a drawer full of holsters that don't suit you.  Trying for a week or more is the only way to figure out what suits you.  I sold my excess holsters last year on Ebay, so I agree with this.
I wish to also add that the cheap, a few sizes fit all guns, holsters are about as useful as the saddle on the Wal-Mart pony.  Don't be afraid to spend some money.
I like the modern plastic holsters, especially the Blackhawke SERPA.  This design has a positive retention feature that practically guarantees that the pistol will remain with you after an unscheduled dismount.  Many do not like the feel, noise of plastic and stay with leather.  Good leather can't be beat.  Galco and Don Hume make good holsters. 
Unless your pistol is one of the most popular brands in the country, your local gun shop will not stock one specifically for it.  I have found that I have to purchase over the web.  Great deals also.  Just Google "gun name , holster" or the brand you want.  By the way while the manufacturer's web sites have great descriptions, they sell at full retail so look around for resellers that give a good price.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

[RC] Speaking of "packing heat", MaryBDVM