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[RC] Which breed is best? - Jackie Causgrove

Hi Kat,
I believe my thinking goes accordingly.........
Since I have varied interests, I'm looking for a horse that may not be exactly the norm.
As far as ring/arena work goes, it's dressage for me.  I've ridden with both German and English dressage instructors.
Driving; I've driven both Belgians and Clydes.  Discovered that in the draft world, with the Shires and Clydes there are distinct lines for show.  These tend to be hotter than the lines for work.  Ever have to control an 18hh 2 ton horse that wants to blow up while driving a vise a vie carriage and in traffic???  He made my life interesting on occassion.  He definately had a draft 'tude on him too.  However, he was a beautiful carriage horse.  That's when I learned about the show lines.  :)  (already knew about the draft 'tudes that some of them have).
The endurance portion is where I am a complete and utter newbie.  I know nothing about this sport.  But am very interested in it. 
So, I was attempting to come up with a horse that in it's background would be able to do low level dressage, drive and do a bit of endurance with me.
Personality is far more inportant to me than actual breed or cross. 
Andalusians are reported to have calm and affectionate personalities; have tough feet etc; do well in dressage and are used in driving.
The Arab/Tb cross are less heavily muscled than the typical Andalusian and I thought that would be a benefit in endurance.... 
Also, I can't afford the typical Andalusian price tag.  But can easily afford a cross.
So that's the rationale.
Let's see if I am all wet!  :)

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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