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Re: [RC] [RC] easyboot help - Dream Weaver

Hi Sarita - if you are able to get the 1's on, then I'd keep using those.  I do that with my own horse and it happens to work very well for him.

1. Would it help to cut down the back of the size one to almost the level of the bottom of the boot?  Would that give me more room?  Would the buckle mechanism still be effective if I did that?

If you've already cut the heelstrap out (or replaced with tapers) then that is all I would do.  The actual back part of the boot helps to support and hold the gaiter in place.  If you are going to end up using the boot as a regular "Easyboot" then you can trim the back of the boot down to where it is flush with the sole in the back.  I cover the sides with duct tape ( see photo) to help the boot to slide on and off easier.  I've tried using gorilla tape this year and while it is thicker it doesn't stay stuck once it gets wet. 

2. Is it possible the boot would work without the gaiter?

Yes, that will make it an "Easyboot".  It will work however some find it more difficult to keep on a barefoot horse. 

 3. I have size 2 gaiters, can I put them on a size one boot and would that be helpful?

You might be able to get it to work but it won't fit together as well as if you were using the same size boot and gaiter.  What would likely happen if you put a size larger gaiter on is that the seal in the back would not be there and a lot of debris could work it's way into the back of the boot.  Plus the gaiter might be more apt to move and flex. 

I've got a lot more useful boot tips in my blog.  Choose by category on the left hand side, or by photo album on the right hand column.  If you have any additional questions, email me back.  I usually keep up but sometimes get a few days behind when I'm traveling or at a ride. 


[RC] easyboot help, Sarita Weimer