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Re: [RC] Sarcoid - Don Huston

I have a horse with one of those in one ear. A couple years ago it was very big (little fingernail size?) and I tore it off. Within 3-4 months three sarcoids grew back...ugh. Vet gave me a jar of Xxterra http://www.vetlineequine.com/xxterra.html and I dabbed small amounts just on the sarcoids. It works like an acid and eats up the tissue that you put it on so don't get sloppy like I did at first and make a dime-sized raw spot. I put it on 4-5 days a week for months and eventually it was gone completely and stayed gone for a long time. Slowly it started growing back and currently it is still way smaller than the original. The Xxterra I had was dried up and would not work anymore but I'm sure that if I had put some on as soon as I saw it coming back it would be gone again. I plan on getting more and zapping that sucker again.
Don Huston

At 09:56 AM 8/18/2007 Saturday, you wrote:
Got a cute project horse in and he has a sarcoid in his ear. I've heard if a vet removes it surgically, it could still come back. He is very healthy and does not appear to have a lowered immunity right now. I've heard that Tree Tea oil works sometimes. Any tips on stuff to put on it to remove naturally?
------------Karla Watson

Don Huston at cox dot net
SanDiego, Calif

[RC] Sarcoid, Karla Watson