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[RC] easyboot help - Sarita Weimer

I am appealing to the experienced easyboot users out there for help!  My horse has perfectly round feet (5 1/8 inch x 5 1/8 inch).  He should be in a size 2 easyboot, but it is just too big.  So far I have added a 12mm comfort pad, grinded down the breakover, cut down the back of the boot and put a size one strap in it.  It is just too big.  It doesn't fall off but I can tell that the horse is uncomfortable (leaning on the forehand, sloppy going), and one boot twists.  That is only with pasture riding.
The size one boots fit him OK, but I still have a problem.  Right now (in a size one) I am using the easyboot bare bottom, the easy up buckle and tapers that I have grinded down to be as thin as possible.  I have to pound the boots on pretty good, and I'm not sure that it fits because there is absolutely no room to see or get my finger down in the boot.  He travels beautifully in them.  However, on his white foot, his heel bulbs look bruised (dark pink) which I think is from the gaiter.  It does not look like rubbing, just bruising.  The fit is so tight that I have trouble pulling the gaiter up where it should be.  Here are my questions.
1. Would it help to cut down the back of the size one to almost the level of the bottom of the boot?  Would that give me more room?  Would the buckle mechanism still be effective if I did that?
2. Is it possible the boot would work without the gaiter?
3. I have size 2 gaiters, can I put them on a size one boot and would that be helpful?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!  This is a young horse and I don't want to shoe him yet.  I'll probably only get him on the trail for a few months this fall then it will be back to pasture riding.
Sarita Weimer