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Re: [RC] Slaughter - Rebecca Fabiszak


Cindy R in Maine had the option in the early 80's to do with her beloved companion what was humane. We no longer have that option. Sure, we can pay the vet to do it but it is not as humane to do it with drugs as it is with a bullet from a 22. I was with a girlfriend of mine when she had her severely nevicular QH put down at the vets. He ran in place on the ground for a couple of minutes. Very hard on my friend. I told her he was just dreaming about running without pain. Beccy

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I'm not going to comment on pros or cons of who eats what animals for
what reason. However, in some islands in the Pacific - probably other
places people used (and I suspect in some still do) eat people.

According to the argument below that's okay?

Ah, the slope that gets so slippery.

What we eat and what we slaughter for food is an issue of ethics - and
the ethics is tied up in culture. Cultural ethics do change and evolve
over time. Society is always making laws based on the ethical
considerations of the social moral culture. I don't see this issue going
away anytime soon nor do I see a consensus on it.

> Remember, every pet you have ever owned is just food for someone in another
> country somewher in the world. Including cats and dogs. What animals we eat
> is a cultural issue, not a morality issue.
> Cindy R. in Maine


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