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RE: [RC] Slaughter - Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM



>Cindy R in Maine had the option in the early 80's to do with her beloved companion what was humane. We no longer have that option. Sure, we can >pay the vet to do it but it is not as humane to do it with drugs as it is with a bullet from a 22. I was with a girlfriend of mine when she had her >severely nevicular QH put down at the vets. He ran in place on the ground for a couple of minutes. Very hard on my friend. I told her he was just >dreaming about running without pain. Beccy


Just to put my two cents in on this---what you saw was a badly done euthanasia, and while that particular instance may have been less humane than a bullet from a .22 (though I have my doubts a .22 will reliably do the job consistently on an animal the size of a horse), a *correctly done* IV euthanasia is very humane indeed.  While I haven’t euthanized thousands of horses, I’ve done maybe a hundred or two, and all of them just slipped to the ground and at most, took a few big breaths and were gone.  None ran in place.  You saw a very bad example of drug-induced euthanasia.


Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

Re: [RC] Slaughter, Rebecca Fabiszak