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[RC] Slaughter - k s swigart

Truman said:

I'm not going to comment on pros or cons of who
eats what animals for what reason. However, in
some islands in the Pacific - probably other places
people used (and I suspect in some still do) eat people.

According to the argument below that's okay?

Here in America we have laws against killing people, not just against
anybody consuming them after they are dead.  And, in fact, I have a
little pink dot on my driver's license that says it is okay to consume
my body parts (i.e. make use of them in some body else's living body)
after I am dead, even though there are some religions that forbid this

It isn't legal to give a person a massive drug over-dose and bury them
either (although there is currently great debate as to whether it ought
to be legal to help people do this to themselves if they want to).

However, nowhere in the current "anti-horse slaughter" law is anybody
proposing that it be made illegal to kill a horse.  This law is entirely
about how to dispose of the carcass of a dead horse.  Note that there
isn't anything in the law making it illegal to slaughter a horse and
feed it to a lion, so it isn't even the method of killing that the law

But it is illegal to kill a person and feed it to a lion.

Making a comparison to the laws we have against killing people (whether
they get eaten or not) just because there are some cultures that may
still practice canibalism is irrelevant.

In stuctured debate, what Truman has done is make what is called a
"false analogy."  In debate competition, you lose points for doing that.

Orange County, Calif.


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