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RE: [RC] Endurance horse/rider sizes - sherman


The parent sounds like she is conscientious enough to make the right decision if you just let her know that a horse can usually safely carry 25% of their weight. She will be able to decide if her weight is too much for the horse or not without having to disclose her weight to you. Riding 30 minutes in the pasture, the horse could probably even carry a higher percentage of weight. I used to ride my kids 600 lb POA, tack & self weighting in at around 150 lbs. She carried me easily for 2 hour rides.  My 180 lb husband would even ride her bareback for short distances. That said, she did have a very strong back, and I do know that ponies can carry a higher percentage of their weight than horses.





I have a 15hh arab mare, last I checked roughly 900 lbs.  She is in fairly good condition, only 7 years old.  NOT for an endurance ride but to ride in the pasture for about 30 minutes, what is the max weight she could carry?  I have started offering rides to friends kids but also to one of the parents.  The parent is a pretty large woman, I have no clue how much she weighs but she is worried about hurting the horse but really really wants to ride.

I heard arabs can carry pretty heavy people but how heavy?





Re: [RC] Endurance horse/rider sizes, kramspott