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Re: [RC] Endurance horse/rider sizes - kramspott

I have a 15hh arab mare, last I checked roughly 900 lbs.  She is in fairly good condition, only 7 years old.  NOT for an endurance ride but to ride in the pasture for about 30 minutes, what is the max weight she could carry?  I have started offering rides to friends kids but also to one of the parents.  The parent is a pretty large woman, I have no clue how much she weighs but she is worried about hurting the horse but really really wants to ride.
I heard arabs can carry pretty heavy people but how heavy?

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From: "sherman" <sherman@xxxxxxxxxxx>

A veteran rider and first AERC president, Phil Gardner,  recently mentioned that his best 50 mile horse was a little 13.3H Arab mare that had at times carried 225 lbs. I don?t think you have anything to worry about. And I?ve seen Arabs grow until they?re 7 yrs old. My daughter?s mare is 14.1 1/2H, about 750lbs and carries 125lb 5?9? Tara, plus saddle & tack. And, in the April issue of Endurance News there is an article about 6?5? Bob Walz and the little 14.2H Arab he rented for $1 per mile to ride in Tevis. Yep, they completed and the horse was then sold for double what his asking price had been prior to the ride.


Good luck with your mare!

Kathy, who has a 13.2 ½, 5 yr old Arab/mustang filly that will be my next endurance horse (:>)


Stacy wrote:



As I said, I am 5'7 and weigh 145 pounds. Bashirah is 752 pounds and 14hh. I am hoping for maybe a little more growth but with the early neglect, I not sure she'll have it. Is she too small for my frame in such a rigorous sport as endurance riding?