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RE: [RC] RC:New FEI CoC - Leonard.Liesens

Title: RE: RC:New FEI CoC

SO you see.

Now I'm still convince that you guys can improve. Everyone does. You are relatively young (again I don't speak about you but about endurance in Malaysia :-)

And this has nothing to to with God. God never thought that a horse could cover 160K at 23Kph in AbuDhabi. They don't even speak about that in the old arabian legends.


-----Original Message-----
From: Nik Isahak Abdullah [mailto:drnikisahak@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Fri 4/27/2007 1:25 AM
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; LIESENS Leonard (COMM)
Subject: RC:RC:New FEI CoC

Yes Leonard ,I thought so as well .It was a translational aberation which
give slightly different meaning and nearly cause an uproar here amongst my
endurance friends in Kuala Lumpur .
Actually in my 10 years doing tropical endurance we have tried everything
including{when FEI introduced the 12 kph CoC} speaking to God to ask Him to
change the heat diffusion capacity of the HORSE but He told me He kind of
like the beauty and current shape of the HORSE that no amount of bribe would
make Him change the status quo .
In terestingly of course this give beauty to the sport of endurance ,whereby
you can have a sub 8 hour ride on the desert racetract in Dubai ,or a 16
hour ride in Tevis or Kuala Lumpur .The IV's etc etc are not necessary if 
one rides intelligently with the horse in mind .With the new CoC I can bet
with you even your favourite Arazi ,trained to canter the whole of 160 km
will get roasted trying to breach the amende CoC .
Dr Nik

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[RC] RC:RC:New FEI CoC, Nik Isahak Abdullah