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Re: [RC] [RC] FEI rule changes - Truman Prevatt


We have heard over and over that the AERC has input because AERC members are on USEF committees and boards. We have heard over and over that they will make the FEI more concerned about horse welfare which maybe make them stop killing horses in the WEC. Then we had the 13:20 COC which a lot of people thought was not in the best interest of the horses. But were assured that the AERC had input into the process through the USEF. Then we have the rule changes that permit young horses with only 200 mile (and no 100's ) to nominate. There was some outcry on the list about that - but we were assured that the AERC had input to the process through USEF.

Now we have the 10:20 COC. I must ask where is this impute the AERC has? Seems to me we have been fed a bill of goods. It's time for the AERC to cut the line and rid itself with anything to do with international and turn it over lock stock and barrel to USEF.

Let them kill horses at their own rides instead of forcing people into trying to make an unreasonable time considering most of our rides.


ryanne Gabbani wrote:

Speed does not necessarily equal metabolic fitness under conditions of high heat and humidty. There seems to be some slip in the logic somewhere such that ensuring that horses are fast is the same as making them capable of withstanding other pressures.



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[RC] FEI rule changes, CAROL SPROAT
Re: [RC] [RC] FEI rule changes, Maryanne Gabbani