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RE: [RC] Endurance horse/rider sizes - Katrina Mosshammer

A couple of years ago, while at a ride, Mom's brat figured out how to open his pen up and let him and the mare out. Well he had stayed in camp all day and had decided that was enough of that and took off down the trail out of camp. So we took off on foot after them.We finally found them down the trail a bit. Mom hopped up bareback on the mare and I was leading Charlie. Needless to say he can out walk me when he is tired, so now that he had just gotten warmed up he was ready to go. So took the lead and ponied him in. On the way back to camp we met our friend Shelia Dale, who had been told what had happened in camp, saddled up and came to help. We she took pity on me and told me to hop on behind her on little Spanish Mustang, Scout. Now, I make heavyweight all by myself without tack. I looked her like she was crazy, but she assured me he could handle it. Well I hopped up behind her and he took off just like nothing had changed. We actually had to climb a couple good sized hills, enough hill that I had to grab a hold of the pommel on her western saddle to keep from sliding off his butt. That little monster just plugged right along and when we got to camp wasn't even breathing hard.

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Subject: Re: [RC] Endurance horse/rider sizes

A 15h. horse weighing 900# should be able to carry a Sherman tank (well, almost).  I would make an estimate of 250#.  After that, I think the rider would be imperiled, not so much the horse.  If a woman weighed over 250#, it would be quite difficult, I think, to mount the horse and balance once she was on.  I may be wrong, but that's my assessment.

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