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[RC] I'm excited about my new horse - Barbara McCrary

Although I've had Jess for almost a year, I still think of him as "my new horse."
On Saturday, Lud, a friend and I went for a ride.  We were climbing up a hill, through the manzanita and knobcone pine when we heard strange sounds.  We stopped to listen and determined that there were some dirt bikes coming down the same trail we were going up.  It is a narrow single-track trail with brush on either side.  Jess and I were in the lead (where he likes to be) and I just pulled to a stop and waited.  For some reason, I was sure he was going to handle this just fine.  I had bought Jess to replace a very spooky horse that I'd had for over 3 years.
Jess was perfect.  He just stood his ground, completely un-flapped, while we patiently and firmly informed the three young bikers that riding on horse trails was not good for the trails and if they were to go downhill further they were going to be on our property and we don't welcome bikes on our property.  They said they were lost....yeah, sure.  They said they would just go on by us and head home...no, they needed to go back the way they came.  They said they were almost out of gas...that was just fine by us, they could leave their bikes and walk a few miles back to where they came from.  Finally, since we weren't moving and we wouldn't let them by us, they turned around and left.  Two fellows were polite and turned their bikes by hand, then quietly started them and took off.  The third guy, about 6 feet from me and Jess, deliberately left his bike facing me, jumped vigorously on the starting lever, then revved the engine loudly, spun a couple of hookers in front of us and roared back up the hill.  He was mad and he was going to show it.
I'm so proud of Jess!  No panic, no fuss.
I have found out, however, that he absolutely hates going through stinging nettles.  I hope he doesn't run into a yellowjacket nest...I'll be in deep trouble if he does.