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[RC] equinepassport / health certs - Kearby, Kate G Civ 748 CBSG/IS

Several states do the equine passport program.  Ours is $30 and it’s good for 6 months.  You do have to have your horse chipped or branded or tattooed. But rather than having to remember and run to the vet and pay $10 each time if you are going out of state more than 3 times in the next 3 months it’s worth it. 


I know we have to have health certs whenever we cross state lines and when the event we are going to requires.  I know that several states can, quarantine your horses and keep them til coggins comes back and charge you for the board and vet work.  I know one time we missed an open inspection station going into texas and the hiway patrol stopped us.  Better to have them than not and I don’t think of them as expensive.  With the ailments going around more lately I’m glad not only boarders but facilities are checking coggins more regular.  It’s not so much the coggins that I think is valuable, it’s that it means the horses around you have seen a vet and are more likely to NOT pass anything on to yours cause their people care about their’s and all other horses.


We live in Oklahoma and in the next month we will be in Arkansas, Kansas and Texas.  The vet is coming tomorrow to chip and passport our 3 travelling horses.  Shanee is 28 and may go to the local trails 2 or 3 times a year, she gets her coggins every March with the others.  .