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[RC] Boldness in Horses - Donna Coss

My observation of this subject should really refer to a horse and his SELF CONFIDENCE. I
am not certain if it is result of nature / versus nurture, but I find that the horses that I raise
out in a herd situation, on at least 40 acres, so there is room to roam and interact much as
a wild herd would, gives me horses that are extremely self confident!

They are mainly SHAGYA ARABIAN which is a breed selected for ride ability and that has
been selected for this, so some of it is inherited--but it can't all be inherited!

There is something about being in a herd from the time they are foals, sometimes even
with a stallion, but mainly with horses of varying ages, and learning to live in this environment
that develops a sound mind and the ability to handle stressful situations. They also trust their

Many times a young horse will leave my farm, travel half way across the country, and arrive and
begin eating and drinking like the journey was only a few hours instead of two days or more. One young mare,
only three and never off the farm, arrived in the middle of a thunder storm and had to be led up a long
lane at midnight with lightning & thunder crackling everywhere. She just tucked herself under her new owner's arm,
followed without panic, arrived at the barn, looked around and immediately began eating and drinking. And this
has been my experience time and time again.

Young horses need to grow up interacting with other horses and they need to learn their place in that herd
and be free of small stalls and artificial conditions. We have no vices and we do have, happy, healthy, well adjusted horses!
It can't all be the breeding!

If I were out purchasing a horse, the way that horse was reared would be high on my list of MUST HAVES!

D. Coss



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