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Re: [RC] Angie - worthwhile discussion involving sitting trot - Jody Rogers-Buttram

I think you will find, that most people doing this sport aren't as healthy as you may think they are.  Many go out and ride, while suffering from multiple aches and pains....Angie included.  There is nothing wrong with the dressage work in endurance, we all could benefit from it, but what I think that Angie is referrring to was the fact that some newbies may read this and *think* that they could sit the trot, without the training and not do damage to the horse during a long ride.  If a person is so physically unable to stand or post for long periods, most move on to a gaited breed in order to keep riding.  There is nothing wrong with that. 
Long distances and sitting trots just won't get it in endurance...IMHO.
Jody ( two knee surgeries, and a broken vertebra....and posts/stands and still does 100's)

Spottedracer@xxxxxx wrote:
If all of us were as physically healthy, with strong legs and pain-free knees - such as yourself.. I'd agree that discussing furthering your riding education through the inclussion of dressage - may not be suitable for endurance riders to discuss.

Though, it does SEEM that there is a high-percentage of endurance riders that do not enjoy the same health and fitness that you do.

So obviously, This is a topic that MANY endurance riders are interested in. And many can find useful on the trail. Since we can't depend on being physically ABLE to post for extended periods of time.
- LP

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[RC] Angie - worthwhile discussion involving sitting trot, Spottedracer