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[RC] helmets - tracey smith

TETRA (Texas Equestrian Trail Riders) has a member who sells these really cool t-shirts promoting helmets and I recently bought one when I attended a ride and helped teach a CTR clinic over New Years Weekend.
On the front over the "pocket" there is a pic of a helmet and the words "PUT A LID ON IT" and on the back it says "SAVE YOUR BRAIN, WEAR A HELMET"...it's reallly cute. Actually brought it to maybe wear at Frigid Digit...but it was TOO DARN COLD FOR T-SHIRTS!!
I too grew up NOT wearing helmets...only bought one when I started CTR and at first I thought they were required (for juniors they are..but I was an adult).  Well, since I bought it I figured I'd wear it but only wore in "in competition".
My stepdaughter made a very wise comment one day about how come her dad and I REQUIRE her to wear one AT ALL TIMES ( am serious...even if she just jumpes on bareback...no helmet no horse) but that how come I only wore mine in competition.  Well...I could not think of a logical answer to her...and started wearing mine more....but not all the time.
Speaking of barrel racing...yes there is a rider sponsored by Troxel.  My 13yr old stepdaughter also playdays and wears one there too...and is usually the only junior with one on...does not bother her.
Enter Amira...my endurance horse who was a rescue when I got her almost 3 years ago and was as GREEN AS THEY COME when she finally had enough weight on her for me to mount up.  Amira introduced me to the ground a couple times and the helmet became and ALWAYS ON staple of riding for me too.
As for riding with others who don't wear them...will be interesting as next weekend as are participating in a cattle clinic to help Amira with her "cow fears" and you guessed it...I'll have my brain bucket.  I will be in my western saddle, not my endurance as I want the "Oh Sh**" handle....but am betting the only other helmet wearing rider there will be my stepdaughter!
When you figure helmets run on average of $30-70...that sure is a minimal amount to save you from a deblilitating injury...or even loss of life.  I spend more money on less important things all the time.

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