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[RC] ponying - Juli Bechard

I started my little yearling endurance prospect ponying today. My, that was an adventure.  First of all, Alpine (the riding horse) is not the best pony horse in the world.  He is afraid of ropes.  But, he’s the only other horse I have, so I told him he’d have to deal with it.  Second, although Merlin is trained to give to pressure with me on the ground, apparently that doesn’t work the same with me in the saddle. 


This started out with Merlin tied up to the hitching post, and Alpine being saddled and bridled.  I climbed on Alpine, went over to the post, and untied Merlin.  Alpine immediately attempted spinning. I stopped the spinning Paso, and headed into the pasture that was to be our practice field.  Upon entering the field, Merlin went “WHEE! I’m free” and tried to bolt.  He went under Alpines neck, Al spun and bit Merlin on the butt.  I controlled Alpine, and thwarted the escape attempt while shouting some rather not nice words at both horses.


We started walking just trying to walk around in a big circle, and promptly learned that Merlin had “forgotten” how to be led.  I had to drag him.  Anyone have ANY idea how hard it is to drag a year old horse from the back of another horse who is not only afraid of the rope, but who has also decided that walking is boring??  Lets just say that I amused my fiancé, who was watching all of this with a great deal of interest from the fence line.  After about 5 minutes of dragging the baby horse, Alpine did a big sigh, and relaxed, apparently deciding I really was going to make him do this, and it’d be easier on both of us if he just cooperated.  Merlin on the other had, took 15 minutes of being dragged before he decided that he could indeed keep up with Alpine walking.  Then he got bored, and started trying to eat my saddle, Alpine’s flank, my shoes, and once even attempted to chew on Al’s bridle.  Sigh…  After about 5 more minutes of walking, I conceded that both horses were now on good behavior, and quit.  Alpine got alfalfa cubes with his dinner for being a good sport.  Merlin got called names.  Next time I buy a horse, I’m going to get one that is at least trained to pony. 


My arms are tired….


Juli and the Herd

Alpine (I can’t believe she made me do that!!!!!!!! )

Merlin (I’m a dork.  Mom said so)