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Re: [RC] [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.. - Karla Watson

I know that doesn't answer the other questions about gaited breeds.  But then, I've had a hard time finding very much research that has been published on horses feet or shoeing in general.  I have seen several testimonials and talked to riders of gaited horses who love the boots.  I would imagine that it'll be similar to other breeds -- some horses and their owners are going to hate them and some are going to benefit from their use. Karen
We have a gaited horse that is using the Epics and doing well. He would rather be barefoot on rides but is great with the boots. He is one of those freaky sensitive horses that just cannot handle a nail being driven. (Don't tell me to sedate him or get a different farrier or he'll get over it--its been years and have tried all of the above and nothing improved.) So he is in boots and doing well. He is a little 14 hd Paso Fino that one of my daughters owns and boy can he FLY in those boots. He has been in them for 1-1/2 years so far. He hasn't had a great season this year but they had nothing to do with the boots. But he has no problem gaiting in the Epic boots. In fact, he gaited better in them than in shoes. He gaits the best barefoot but on rocky trails, he does best with boots. So here is one gaited horse that is doing fine with them. One rat study...
-----------Karla Watson/Oregon

[RC] [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.., Dream Weaver