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Re: [RC] [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.. - Patti

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 From: kimfuess

 Why would a gaited breed require a different type of shoeing or =
trimming?  Wouldn't a balanced, level, trim and good shoeing that is =
balanced and keeps the toes short be optimum for any horse?  I am just =
interested in horses going down the trail not about special shoeing for = "">the show ring or shoeing that would exagerate a certain gait.

 *Hi Kim, I agree with this totally!!! Or, from the other =
perspective...if you have to deviate from a good, balanced trim to get a =
certain gait; that has just got to negatively impact on joints; tendons =
and ligaments and long-term soundness of the horse down the road....

Ditto to both Kim and Karen. Even though my Peruvians do that "butterfly stroke" thingy when their front legs are in the air (termino) their feet land and wear the same as any other horse's. Gait has to do with how the horse is built and the timing that's hard wired in the genes, not with how they're trimmed. Training and trimming are (or should be) just a little extra finesse on what the horse is born with.
OTOH - when I wear my muck shoes that are a little too large, I pick up my hooves - uh, feet -  a few inches higher to avoid tripping.
Patti K
Vail AZ