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Re: [RC] groin muscle pull in horses - Lysane Cree

My horse pulled her groin muscle at a ride where there were huge hills (I wasn't expecting it...now I know to ask about that too), unlike anything we have at home. She was really strong and wanting to go, there was also mud from lots of rain the night before. This was her first ride so she was inexperienced with hills like this and kept trying to blast up them or down them (scary) and she did slip in the mud a couple of times on the way down. Anyway, she pulled her groin muscle about 12 miles in. Didn't show up until we stopped and she stood around eating, then she seized up and could hardly walk. Got her trailered back to camp and she spent the rest of the ride at the trailer. She gradually seemed more comfortable standing on the leg and by the time the vet re-checked her after supper she was not limping at all. When he touched the exact spot that hurt though she kicked hard straight back in reaction. I gave her close to two weeks off, her out in the pasture, no riding. I brought her in each day to check on her and do some gentle stretching.
When I got back to riding, I walked only and on flat terrain for the first day or two, then I gradually added some trotting back in.
I was being cautious because from what I know it is one of those injuries that if you don't give it enough time to heal it will keep coming back to haunt you. About one month later I did a 15 mile training ride on mostly flat terrain and she was fine. I started conditioning her on the hills that we do have around here but not intensely, just as part of a conditioning ride. No problems have come up so far. About a month after the training ride I did our second 25 mile CTR (this time we completed), again on mainly flat terrain.
I have also ridden quite a bit preparing a trail for a competition at the barn where I board and she has not shown any more problems with her groin muscle. I am going to be conditioning for hills more in preparation for next season...I would like to try the ride again as it is fairly close to home, but we definitely have to be better prepared for hills.
Hope that helps.

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