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[RC] [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.. - Dream Weaver

I would like to have some research done on the topic of boots and would actually have quite a few more questions than the ones listed here. 

As far as research and development, EasyCare has done more field or 'in use' research than any other boot company.  Since the Easyboot was developed well over 30 years ago it has been used extensively on long expeditions and cross country multiple thousand mile trips as well as being put to the test in endurance competition.  I can name a few riders off hand and if we combine just our mileages we've got over 100,000 miles in the boots.  I'm sure the total mileage ridden in actual competition exceeds several hundred thousand miles.  (to read more, click on this link and scan down the page)   I recently dug out some vintage photos and found this one (btw, the riders in that photo are Kerry Ridgeway and Neel Glass), and this one which shows a photo of the boot that was used on OD and Tevis in the same year.  :)   We have quite a large number of testers around the world, and are working hard to improve the testing program overall.  Here is more info on that program.

I know that doesn't answer the other questions about gaited breeds.  But then, I've had a hard time finding very much research that has been published on horses feet or shoeing in general.  I have seen several testimonials and talked to riders of gaited horses who love the boots.  I would imagine that it'll be similar to other breeds -- some horses and their owners are going to hate them and some are going to benefit from their use. Karen