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Re: [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.. - Laney Humphrey

If I chose to be snippy, I'd point out that the Peruvian Paso breed has been plagued by joint problems because of their conformation, but instead I'll just say that there are millions of trotting horses with very sloping (non upright) pasterns just as I'm sure there are PPs with upright pasterns. In fact, I discussed this with a PP breeder last year. She said she looks for PPs with upright pasterns because she thinks they last longer. But the real issue is how any hoof should be trimmed. Seems to me that some people hear believe that the hoof should be trimmed according to the horse's conformation and others believe that the hoof should be trimmed to enhance a particular gait. That's an ancient disagreement that won't be solved here!

I doubt there's an endurance/trail rider alive who doesn't love going fast along "knee knocker" trails! Enjoy!!!

Mike Sherrell wrote:
The angles of Peruvians' leg and shoulder bones differ from those of other breeds. For example, it's easy to see from looking that a trotting horse has more upright pasterns, for example. Furthermore, the path of the foot differs at the gait ("a" gait, really; different Peruvians have different gaits, and each Peruvian also has different gaits) from the path of the hoof at the trot, striking the ground at a different angle.
I am an addicted trail rider, and for me not much beats the thrill of gaiting rapidly down a narrow, twisting (but mostly flat) trail -- at about the speed of a good trot. For me it's like gaiting in the show ring except that it's about ten times as challenging to maintain the gait under the rapidly-varying conditions.


Mike Sherrell

Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919/fax 707 887 9834

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Why would a gaited breed require a different type of shoeing or
trimming? Wouldn't a balanced, level, trim and good shoeing that is
balanced and keeps the toes short be optimum for any horse? I am
just interested in horses going down the trail not about special
shoeing for the show ring or shoeing that would exagerate a certain

*Hi Kim, I agree with this totally!!! Or, from the other
perspective...if you have to deviate from a good, balanced trim to
get a certain gait; that has just got to negatively impact on
joints; tendons and ligaments and long-term soundness of the horse
down the road....


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


RE: [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.., Mike Sherrell