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RE: [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.. - Mike Sherrell

The angles of Peruvians' leg and shoulder bones differ from those of other breeds. For example, it's easy to see from looking that a trotting horse has more upright pasterns, for example. Furthermore, the path of the foot differs at the gait ("a" gait, really; different Peruvians have different gaits, and each Peruvian also has different gaits) from the path of the hoof at the trot, striking the ground at a different angle.
I am an addicted trail rider, and for me not much beats the thrill of gaiting rapidly down a narrow, twisting (but mostly flat) trail -- at about the speed of a good trot. For me it's like gaiting in the show ring except that it's about ten times as challenging to maintain the gait under the rapidly-varying conditions.


Mike Sherrell

Grizzly Analytical (USA)
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From: kimfuess
Why would a gaited breed require a different type of shoeing or trimming?  Wouldn't a balanced, level, trim and good shoeing that is balanced and keeps the toes short be optimum for any horse?  I am just interested in horses going down the trail not about special shoeing for the show ring or shoeing that would exagerate a certain gait.
*Hi Kim, I agree with this totally!!! Or, from the other perspective...if you have to deviate from a good, balanced trim to get a certain gait; that has just got to negatively impact on joints; tendons and ligaments and long-term soundness of the horse down the road....

Re: [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.., Karen Sullivan