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Re: [RC] Foundation QH calculations - Robert R

What I've seen and read regarding the folks who promote the "foundation"
quarter horse is -- as long as it avoids TB lines, and includes the horses
"we" want, it's a foundation QH.  I see a lot of problems there.

You and I completely agree on that sentiment. But by definition by the FQHR registry, any horse going back to 75% blood of any of the first 27,000 registered QHs is "probably" (and I don't know what would DQ you other than Impressive lines to account for the probably) and no outcrosses within the most recent 4 generations is registry elligible for FQHR status.

Now this is pure supposition on my part as I don't have a clue as to the numbers but I would guess that a gene pool with 27,000 elligible ancestors is probably a whole lot deeper than some of the more esoteric Arabian varieties I hear of from time to time--and again, I am not stating that is fact or that I even think it is true, purely supposition on my part.

A gene pool with 27,000 members as its base is more than large enough to safely swim in for a long, long time.

Now I know many individual breeders who impose much, much stricter personal standards on the pedigrees of animals produced on their farms. I don't have a problem with that (and like it would matter if I did, they aren't my animals) but I do hope those folks are cold-hearted ruthless cullers as they voluntarily narrow their own gene pool to work with because, yes, they are inviting disaster as they attempt to solidy their own preferences but the practices and policies of the official FQHR registry are in no way a genetic detriment to the horses (unless you think my beloved little "wide as they are tall" cow ponies are unattractive and a lot of follks do but then, there is no accounting for taste.) In my estimation, the only way to improve them would be with some well placed spots on and around their rumps.

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[RC] Foundation QH calculations, Barb Peck
Re: [RC] Foundation QH calculations, Robert R